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         Italian was in the air and everywhere, people smiled and licked . It was like a Fellini movie - 


I happened to be on Espanola Way with my wife, 4 kids, Mother -inlaw and Wife's grandparents, and not happy as I usually stay off of this street.  But my kids were dying for some ice-cream so we ended up inside.  

I was shocked to find the state of the art Italian Gelato equipment with one of the coolest dispay freezers on the planet (see photos).  My kids were already eating their gelato when I walked in with my middle son. (the kids are all under 6 years old).  

The Italian owner was VERY kind and told me about the qualithy of ingredients and I was surprised when I finally tasted some of the best Gelato I have ever had.  The vanilla was so rich and intense, it might have been the best Vanilla Ice cream I have ever eaten,  You could taste the freshness in the flavor.  The Gelato tasts so rich, and has such a creamy consistancy the flavor explodes on your tongue.  I ended up having Coconut mixed with Vanilla and my son had Straciotella (sp).  

We will definately be going out of our way to eat the gelato here next time.  If you are anywhere near Lincoln Road.....go out of your way to try this place

         Quit reading this review and try this place out!

  ·          We went to S. Beach for vacation recently and found this place just down the street from our hotel (The Z Ocean Resort - fantastic and subject of another review).  Located in a pedestrian zone with cobbled streets and lined with tourist restaurants (the kind with people in front trying to harrangue you into eating there, including one guy dressed like Caesar in front of the Italian Place.  However, without any flash, the Milani Gelateria enticed is into the store with the simple word "Gelateria" and a hot and humid 90 degree evening; there was nothing sultry about this - we went in to get some Coolant!

Franceso was in the store that evening, wearing his signature Dew Rag over a head of out-of-control locks and charming everyone with his accent.  The carousel of vibrant-colored ices were spinning and he was ready to tell you about everything.

The first night, I tried the Bacio - a hazelnut and chocolate flavored ice with hazelnut crunchies in it - and the Mango.  The Bacio was like Nutella with attitude, which I loved, but the mango actually sang with the flavor of fresh mangos so ripe you could almost see them in front of your eyes.

This ritual of Milani Gelateria became our standard after each evening meal in South Beach - and, unashamedly, after several lunches as well.

The Bacci can't be beat, but I also recommend without reservation the Pistacchio, the Hazelnut, the MMMMMango, and Stracciatella - Italian Milk Cream  with bittersweet Chocolate Chunks.  And you can trust me because I have had them all.  Several times.  To insure consistency.

I can tell you that if I lived in South Beach and had this place near me, I would definitely not have one of those beautiful South Beach bodies.  OK, actually, I don't have that now.  But Milani would give me the excuse I need.


·          Milani Gelateria is good. Really good. Authentically Italian.


Now, is it the best gelateria out there? Or even in South Florida? Or even in South Beach? Honestly, I don't know. It's up to your tastes to determine how you like your gelato. You could try the international chain, the beloved gelateria 4D. And there's Le Gelateria, formerly known as Parmalat. I won't go on (since I'm not trying to make a music list here), but do try and compare them all and make your South Beach gelato pick.

This gelateria stands out for the awesome rotating machine that screams "I'm ITALIAN!" The make and style is obviously Italian. The day an American makes it is the day when Spaghetti becomes an American dish and not an Italian one.

The gelatos here are creamier than the other gelato I've had in other gelaterias around. So that's a plus - creamy is good in my book.

As for flavors, I thought the Stracciatella was great as well as the bacio. The nuts are good too - hazelnut flavor has pieces of hazelnuts in them


·          Milani has signs all over the place that read, "Made by Italians."


I thought it was bit over done, but it affirms any questions you might have about who makes it. Even the older, chain-smoking gentleman had a foreign accent.

The machine/freezer that maintains the ice cream is pretty neat. It looks and rotates like a spaceship.

I had the pistachio and hazelnut gelatos. The gelato was light, but creamy.  It  Location-Can Española Way be any more romantic?  Price - Compared to other Gelato places it is pretty affordable.Taste - The Gelato is pretty good. After all it's made by Real Italians. Lol The ice cream machine - It's just awesome. I asked him to spin for me.


·         After a surprisingly good lunch on Espanola Way, my large party of house guests age 45-5 craved something cold and sweet.


I texted young, international woman of mystery, Miami Yelp's Maria A:

"Espanola Way. Ice Cream?"

Cut to cool and shiny gelateria up the street serving creamy Italian goodness scooped by a sweet Italian.

We had to run to the nearby-ish ATM because they only accept cash, but it was worth it. We all enjoyed rich chocolate and THE best pistachio cones ever. There were several more flavors -- all made fresh.

Italian was in the air and everywhere, people smiled and licked .
It was like a Fellini movie -  with texting, gelato...