About Us

Mauro Usai & Francesco Pasqua
The story of Milani Gelateria® begins on a sun-drenched island off the coast of Italy, when a master gelato maker, Mauro Usai, met an ambitious young Italian man, Francesco Pasqua They shared a vision to bring authentic, handcrafted Italian gelato to the shores of America.

Equipped with a generational recipe, outstanding ingredients, and an age-old technique, the Milani brand began to establish a new benchmark for exceptional gelato in the South Florida market.

The lasting success of the Milani products is the result of making every single day fresh gelato from scratch with the highest quality natural ingredients directly from distinct regions of Italy.

“Green Gold” Pistacchio di Bronte, Sicily, the rich, Dark Chocolate, made in Torino, Tonda Gentile Hazelnut from Torino, Italy.

Authenticity, good ingredients and good value. That’s the promise of Milani Gelateria®